This stone hangs to lock the door on the turf house that used to hold the cows on the farm.


You can see on this picture how the stone works. As soon as you pull on the door the stone is pulled up by the robe that is tied to it. the robe hangs over a big headed nail on the door and then goes over to the wall to the side. Sometimes the robe goes neatly throug a hole into the house and gets tied to something there like you see over here our it there is a nail also on the wall that the robe is tied to.

What I like about this mecanism is that the door will close behind you and will not fly open if it is windy outside. I also have noticed that I have a fasination for round things with interesting openings.


The texture and how the door is being held close intest me in this picture. This lock is on the barn of the farm

This lock is on the place called the shed eventhough it is a door on the farm house. The room inside holds tools to mend things around the farm. We would call it in modern times the garage.