20 oz (1 lb and 4 oz). rye-flour

10 oz flour

7 oz sugar

1-2 tablespoons molasses (acc. to taste)

4 teaspoons baking powder

1 qt. milk (or soy milk)


Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mixed well.

The mixed dough is put into milk cartons (that have been lightly greesed with cooking-oil) - filled to about 3/4.

Cover the top with aluminum-foil.


Baked at 220-230°F for 14 hours.


When baked leave it in the carton for a while, turn it several times.

When the bread has cooled to lukewarm - shake it out of the cartons. Sometimes the carton has to be torn away.


Rye Bread Soup

5 oz dark rye bread

1 qt water

1 1/2 oz sugar (white or brown, honey or other desired sweetening)

2-3 slices lemon

(some use kanel, some cacao,

orange juice, cranberry juice etc)


Soak the rye bread in the water until soft.

Mix with a potatoe-masher or a mixer until even.

Put in a pot and bring to boil, put in the raisins.

Cook for 5-10 minutes.

Serve with whipped cream or milk or some soy or rice product.