Independent the Week of May 8-15 2002

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Best Bets in the week of May 8 -15 th. By Mark Hornburg.


In visual art

You've got one last chance this weekend to see a show at the Durham Arts Council that's been receiving quiet but universal praise. Resonance in 3D features the work of three award-winning artists from Chapel Hill, Durham and Pittsboro--originally from Iceland, Germany and Iowa--who are exploring how cultural diversity affects individual expression. Kristin Gudjonsdottir, Dawn Stetzel and Ursula Goebels-Ellis have put together a fascinating collection of works that respond to the natural world (see Gudjonsdottir's "Half Seeker," above). Local arts writer Don Weyel has said of these artists that they "have managed to interweave three unique styles and viewpoints into one synergistic collection that, taken as a whole, leaves you feeling both intrigued and refreshed. It's mind candy of the highest order." See the show through May 12. Call 560-2713 for details.