Kendra K Davis


Sculptor, Painter Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor/Sumi-e, Linoleum Block Printmaker, Porcelain Artist, Basket Maker, Jewelry, Graphic Designer, Desktop Publisher

P.O. Box 807, Moss Beach, CA, 94038
Fax (415)728-0371
e-mail addresses: or

University of Utah, San Francisco State University
NCA Certified Teacher November 1973
Curator Coastal Arts League Museum, Curator Gallery 92 West
Internet Co-Curator Coastal Arts League
Rat, Mouse & Hamster Judge



February 1-27 Corridor Gallery, at the Government Building in Redwood City CA. San Mateo County Arts Council Invited Artwork from the Coastal Arts League & Gallery 92 West Invited Artist "First Catch"

February 1- May 2 Peninsula Exposure Gallery Invited Artist Basketry Exhibited 67 East Fourth Street, San Mateo, CA

March Juried member Peninsula Sculptors' Guild


January Juror and Curator "Nudes of 95" CALM

January - March 1996 Caldwell Banker, HMB, Invited Artist "Coastside Jam"

1/20 - 3/1 "BASKETRY, A Cultural Bridge" Tenth Annual

Exhibit Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix AZ 3 baskets exhibited "Orange Abalone" "Now and Then" "Fire Cracker"

3/2 - 5/4 "Fata Morgana" CAL exhibition Palo Alto Medical Clinic (Collage, "Imperial City")

April 18, 1996 Coastal Village Technology Group, Douglas Beach House Bach Dancing & Dynamite Co Invited Artist exhibited Digital Art and 4 - 3D works dealing with computers made from computers or computer related materials.

April 18-May 20 Similar Differences exhibition at CALM (Juried International Exchange Show of photographic works two works accepted "Fins, Wings & Waves" and "The Friendly Neighborhood Sushi Chef"

September Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight England

May 18, 1996 FringeArts International Juried Competition produced by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, 1996 theme; Express the Fringe Within. "Out of the Frying Pan" Honorable Mention

Sept 14- Oct 18 "Icons of Power", Peninsula Sculptors’ Guild Juror Peter Selz "Who’s Choice"

Sept Editor/Publisher 1st Edition Rat, Mouse & Hamster Fanciers Standards of Perfection

Nov 16- Jan 3, 1997 "Rethinking Beauty", Albuquerque United Artists, Coleman Gallery, Alburquerque, NM Juror Pierre Delattre "Fat Lady"

Nov 14 - Dec 16 Coastal Arts League 12th Annual Juried Show, Juried by Amelia K. Solomon. Grumbacher Gold Medal,"Li River Boatmen"

Honorable Mention, "First Catch" Honorable Mention, "Look What’s Happening to My Children Pt.1" two other works accepted to

exhibition; "Violet Abalone" and "You Are What You Eat"

December 11, 1996 Newspaper Article with Photo "CAL juried show is an eclectic visual feast", Half Moon Bay Review


Month of February; Half Moon Bay Library Display, Baskets, Invited Artist.

2/11-3/10 "BASKETRY, A Cultural Bridge" Tenth Annual Exhibit Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix AZ 2 baskets exhibited "Pink Abalone" "Ode to the Flower Market #2" (orange)

Arts Council of San Mateo County
Star Arts Award Winner 1995
Outstanding Volunteer

Certificates from: Arts Council of San Mateo County,

Certificate of Appreciation San Mateo County Board of Supervisors,

California State Senate Certificate of Recognition,

California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition,

United States Member of Congress, Tom Lantos, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition ,

United States Member of Congress, Anna G Eshoo, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

Article in HMB Review "Lauded Artist Creates with Real Mouse"

Invited/Selected Artist, designer of 1995 HMB Coastside Chamber of Commerce Annual White Lights Holiday Festival (Christmas Tree Ornament)

April 6-30 1995 Fine Arts Gallery Solano Community College, "Hand in Hand", Invited Artist. "Chalice"

Article Solano Chronicle Newspaper "Held in Hand" by Brian Hamil.

June 17 -18 San Mateo County Open Studios, Basket exhibited Belmont. (Now and Then)

July 13- Aug. 14 CALM 11th Annual Juried Show (5 pieces accepted Honorable Mention "Never cease to be Amazed", "They Carry their Eggs Under their Legs", Please Don’t Step on my Basket", "Coastside Jam: The Audience", "Who’s Choice?" )

Aug. 1995 San Mateo County Fair

Silver Award Sculpture " Out of the Frying Pan"

Honorable Mention Sculpture "Bubble eyed Goldfish"

Silver Award Textiles "Now and Then"

Bronze Award Textiles "Ode to the Flower Market"

also shown "Champagne Basket" and "Head Crash"

2 person Invitational Exhibition Cameron’s, HMB, CA

"Celeste" on public exhibition for a minimum of 6 months


Oct.10-22 KTEH Juried Exhibition Triton Museum of Art. 3rd place Crafts "Mallard & Moss" (basket)


1995 CAL Newsletter Editor, Graphics design & Catalogue for "Poems on the Wall", Graphics design for Peninsula Sculpture Guild "Avenue of the Arts", Catalogue and graphics design CALM 11th Annual Juried Show. Graphics design adds for Sushi Main Street and Gallery 92 West published HMB Review Magazine. Graphics Design Sushi Main Street, Menu. Co-Curator Internet shows Coastal Arts League



Custom Design Certificate, SWAROVSKI, Triesen, Austria Graphic Design "Similar Differences" International Exchange Show, California USA, Quay Gallery, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, Lake Forrest. Ill ,USA

Invited/requested artist Logo Isle of Wight United Kingdom

1994 Named Co-Curator (from assistant) Coastal Arts League Museum

1994 Jan 5 - 31 Coastal Arts League Museum Juried Print Show, Juried by Doug and Margaret Stow "Holy Family" (#1) accepted

1994 Designer and Desktop Publisher for Gallery 92 West and Coastal Arts League Museum including Catalogues, Invitations, Advertisements, Fliers and Business Cards. Designer and Desktop Publisher for Sushi Main Street, HMB, including Signs, Advertisements, Business Cards, Gift Certificates and Menu with custom graphics.

Invited/Selected Artist, designer of 1994 HMB Coastside Chamber of Commerce Annual Christmas Tree Ornament,

Article with picture in HMB Review.

1994 Gold Award Sculpture, "Chalice" San Mateo County Fair

Bronze Award, Fiber Arts, "Pink Abalone" San Mateo County Fair

  1. Coastal Arts League Museum 10th Annual Juried Show Juried by Alysanne Mc Gaffey 5 pieces accepted

Honorable mention in 2-D, Honorable Mention and Gift Certificate in 3-D

1993 Jan. 19 - Feb. 26 "BASKETRY : A Cultural Bridge", Shemer Art Center, Phoenix AZ. Three baskets shown

1993 February 4 - March 1 Expectations of the 90's,Coastal Arts League Museum, HMB "The Fat Lady"

Curated by Arabella Decker, Invited Artist

1993 "Avenue of The Arts" Belmont, CA Collage/Assemblage (Shattered Dreams Shown)

1993 6/24 -7/19 CAL Ninth Annual Juried Exhibit, Michael S Bell Juror, Two pieces accepted Honorable Mention Sculpture

1993 San Mateo County Fair Gold Award in Ceramics and Glass (Zipper),

  • Bronze Award in Printmaking (Holy Family #2),

    Honorable Mention in Fiber Arts (White Abalone)

  • 1993 Santa Clara County Fair Certificate of Appreciation

    1993 Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival Cache Contest Winner. Cache Design Registered with the USPS

    Oct. 2, 1993 Pilgrim Faire, San Mateo, Congregationalist Church invited artist

    1992 Feb. 8 "Feathersmithing" Lecture and demonstration, Avian Sciences Day, University of California Davis, Invited artist

  • (I taught it and it was video taped to show across the country)
  • 1992 Feb. 11- March 6. "Basketry: A Cultural Bridge", Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ., Three baskets exhibited (Purple Abalone, Tiger's Eyeland, The Best Laid Plans Of Mouse and Woman)

    1992 March 1 - April 11 Gallery Sanchez, Judas Effigies Show, San Francisco, CA "Who’s Choice?"

    1992 July 15 - Aug. 3 Coastal Arts League 8th Juried Competition, 5 Honorable Mentions, *2 paintings, 2 sculptures, 1 basket; Lisa Christy Juror

    1992 Aug. 11-23 San Mateo County Fair Silver Award in Textiles (Purple Abalone)

    Bronze Award in Sculpture (Look What's Happening to my Children)

    HonorableMention in Printmaking (Angel Triptych) also shown Tiger's Eyeland

    1992 Oct. 1- 30 Foster City Museum Gallery, Woman's

    Caucus for Art Membership Show (The Audience,

    Holy Family #1)

    1992 Nov. 19 - Dec. 23 One Person Show, Coastal Arts League Museum, "Unbecoming a Basket"

    1992 12/12,13 CAL GALA Jewelry Invited Artist


    1991 - 1996 Juror - Art Walk, Gallery 92 West 1991 Named Curator Gallery 92 West, Spanishtown HMB, CA; Participating Artist

    1991 - 1994 Member International Sculpture Society

    1991 2/12 - 3/9 " Basketry: A Cultural Bridge", Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ. three baskets exhibited

    (Unbecoming a Basket, Ice Princess, Chabot Nest)

    1991 7/3 - 7/28 CAL 7th Annual Juried Competition 3 pieces accepted. David Harris Juror

    Best in Show Sculpture, Zoe Tierney Award.

    1991 Dec. Linoleum Block Prints Peggy Erickson's Gallery, Small Works Show

    1990 Member WCA, Membership Chairperson

    1990 February 13 - March 10 "Basketry: A Cultural Bridge" Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ (ovoid, Memories of I-5, Walt's)

    1990 San Diego Art Walk, Walkabout International Invited Artist

    1990 - 1991 Basketry Exhibited Art is T Gallery, HMB

    1990 Invited to Exhibit Basketry Sculpture CAL Museum

    1989-9/1990 Basketry Exhibited McEwen Gallery, HMB, CA

    1990 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    10/1990 Basketry Exhibited Art Is T, Half Moon Bay, CA

    10/1990 Invited Artist, Sushi Main Street, Pumpkin Weekend,

    10/1990 Peggy Erikson Gallery, Recycled Jewelry

    10/1990 Whispers From the Past; Spanishtown HMB CA, Jewelry, Porcelains

    1990 -1996 Coastal Arts League Art Walk, Participating Artist, Tin Palace, HMB

    11/90 Peninsula Art Association Annual Competition, Juried Show, Manor House Twin Pines Park Belmont, CA

    Nov. 21 - Dec. 22 1990 Two Sculptures Shown. ONLY Awarded Sculpture.

    11/30-12/31 1990 Sixth Annual Juried Exhibition, Coastal Arts League, Honorable Mention Sculpture


    1989 Coastal Arts League Fifth Annual Juried Show, 3 Sculptures Exhibited Honorable Mention

    1989 Invited Artist, Sushi Main Street, Pumpkin Weekend, HMB

    1989 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    1988 - 1997 Member Coastal Arts League

    1988 - 1989 CAL Newsletter Editor

    1988 - 1993 Assistant Curator Coastal Arts League Museum

    1988 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    1988 Oct. Best Display, Harbor Day, Princeton, CA, invited artist

    1988 Oct. Indian Summer Festival, Moss Beach, CA invited artist

    1988 Dec. Featured Artist Ocean Cove Gallery, Moss Beach, CA

    1987 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    1986 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    1985 Alameda County Fair, Certificate of Appreciation

    1985 CAL EXPO Certificate of Appreciation

    1984 - 1994 ARBA Licensed Cavy Judge

    1984 RMHF Charter Member, Life Member, Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter Editor

    1984 - 1995 RMHF Rat Mouse & Hamster Judge

    1984 CAL EXPO Certificate of Appreciation

    1984 - 1990 RM&HF Booth Designer and Creator

    1981 - 1994 Member ARBA, Life Member ACBA, GSCBA

    1978 University of Utah, Juried Sumi-e Show

    1978 - 1980 7 Student work exhibitions, University of Utah

    1975 Utah Renaissance Faire

    1974 Best in Show Handbuilt, CAAU Murray, Utah

    1974 Utah Renaissance Faire

    1974 Logan State College Art Expo, Invited Artist

    1974 Willard Bay First Annual Art Fair, Invited Artist

    1973 - 1980 Member CAAU, Corresponding Secretary 78/80 Exhibited in all CAAU Shows, Murray Park (4) and

    Salt Palace (3), Represented by three Galleries in Salt Lake City, Utah

    1973 University of Utah, Art Gallery, Juried Show

    1972 - 1978 Teacher & Partner, Showcase Ceramics, SLC, UT

    1971 Arts and Crafts Director; Camp Kostopolis, UCP

    Summer Camp, Utah.. Assistant Brownie Leader, in

    charge of arts and crafts including all song leading.

    Girl Scout Summer Day Camp, Arts and Crafts Director.