"Walking Rock"

I live on the coast of California approximately 30 miles South of San Francisco. Highway 1 is a very scenic road that winds along the cliffs and when we are not in drought, falls into the ocean on a regular basis. The name of this piece of road is Devil's Slide. At other times there are just "minor" rock slides. I found the rock in this sculpture after a major closing of the road and a minor slide.

This rock just kept calling to me.....it looked like it was walking on it's own. I had to have it....but, I couldn't lift it on my own. I finally convinced my patron to help me and we picked it up before CalTrans moved it to oblivion. I decided to cast an aluminum "starfish", which also seem like "walking rocks" to me, directly onto the sandstone rock.

This piece has not been shown much because the sandstone rock alone weighs 195 pounds (my patron calls it the hernia rock) so this is a perfect venue for this piece.

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the cast aluminum "starfish" without the rock

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