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The On-Line Help Project is a on-going project here on Art on the Net and is basically artists helping artists on our site.

Artists here on volunteer to join the mailing list and answer questions posted to this alias by fellow artists on our site. This is a great resource to new and exisiting artists on our site and we really appreciate all the artists who are participating. Thanks!

When an artist joins our site, they have many questions on how to create and maintain their spaces. Since every artist on our site has gone through the process of putting their spaces together, we have alot of people who can answer the questions that new artists have.

And there are times when veterian artists have questions about things such as art techniques or prehaps a new image tool that they just discovered or purchased. Artist are welcome to send questions about such things to the list and generally theres someone who has had experience with that technique or tool that can offer some insite.

All questions submitted to the alias are spooled and the answers eventually become apart of the Help Pages and prehaps even a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on our site. So all questions and answers are greatly appreciated. :)

To volunteer to become a member of the On-Line Help Project, just send email to:

and request to be added to the email alias All artists participating in this project should be apart of this alias on Art on the Net.

Even if you have had just a few weeks experience on our site, what you have learned can be of great value to the other artists here so we encourage you to join if you can.



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