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The Collaboration Project consists of may ongoing happenings that artist are participating in here on Art.Net.

WAM (Web Artist Moo)

One of these projects is called the WAM Project which is a Web Artist Moo. We hope to make a collaborative space that eventually will use VRML and prehaps even Java. Artists can make additions to this space by exploring the WAM directory and integrating images and html files to this space.

If you are not sure what a Moo is, check out the BayMOO, a public MOO founded in October, 1993.

To join the WAM Project, just send email to:

and you will be added to the email alias All artists participating in this project should be apart of this alias.

Artist Comments

There is a section on our site that artists can add their comments and insites too. This is the comments section which is apart of the About Pages on our site..

Now to add your comment, all you need to do is check out the Comments directory on and get a copy of the template.html file. Edit this file and upload it to the comments directory (at via ftp storing the file as your_login_name.html (ie. lile.html).

You then want to get the comments.html file via ftp or your web browser, edit it and upload it back to with your entry included in the page. Or you can send email to and we will edit the comments.html page and add your comment to the site.

We look forward to seeing your comments and insites on our site.



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