Art Auctions on Art.Net...


The Art.Net auctions will be starting sometime in the future.

As a part of the membership, each artist is asked to make a onetime donation of a piece of their art to Art on the Net. This donation will be auctioned off on the Internet via our website, and the revenues will be used to help fund the site and artists scholarships.

The concept of donating art came from the history of our site. Art on the Net got its first Internet bandwidth (breath) by a barter of art. Lile traded a painting called "Art on the Net" for Internet access for the first year Art.Net was on the Internet. In the spirit of this, the site will continue to be funded by artists donating art.

We are just about to start making plans for the auctions so if you would like to join us, please send email to:

and you will be added to the email alias

We will post progress reports here as the project evolves. Artists waiting to send in their art donations will be contacted when we are ready to receive your works.

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