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360 cities
Explore the world in 360 degrees from your computer. This site hosts a collection of interactive panoramic images on the web.

AltaVista Translations
Receive a message in a language you don't know? Plug it in to this site and you can get the translation in your own language!

Antique Roses Forums
is a public place fir diiscussion of antique, Austin and old garden roses. For those bitten by the rose bug. :)

(Computer Professionals for Social Repsponsibilities) is a non-profit public interest organization concerned with the effects of computers on society.

A listing service based on location. If you are looking for something or someone, you will most likely be able to find it here.

Search, collect and organize your favorite web videos. Dabble is about people describing, discovering and organizing video, wherever it's found or hosted.

Def Con
is the underground hackers conference that happens in Las Vegas. See you there?

Provides network and DNS monitoring from the web. DNSstuff helps you configure, monitor and fix problems with your domain and email. They have tools and alerts that provide insight into your domain from the outside looking in.

Encryption for the Masses
This is a great resource site that helps shed some light on the issues surrounding the use and policy making of encryption and privacy that effects us all.

A free social networking site designed to help people reconnect with friends and make new connections.

This site is a place where people can publish and share their photos.

Features tools that are very helpful for all geeks out there. Includes RFC's, tools of the trade, Whois lookups, wireless hotspots (Open AP's) and even helpful Geek Hotel information.

Institute for Media Diseases
is the place to go if you think you have been infected by media. Ever notice that the electronic image of yourself is turning strange or is showing signs of desease? Well this is the place to go to see what you got and what to do about it. :) You can also check out the patients in the electronic hospital to see if any of your friends ended up there.

Internet Archive
This site hosts an archive of Internet websites starting in 1996. So if a site no longer is live on the net, you can always look at an archive snapshot of a site via the "wayback machine".

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Stars and Galazies
Shows images taken by the Hubble Telescope. Features images of stars and galaxies.

Party Gophers
Online resource to help you find professional wedding and party services within the U.S.

Pet Keeping with Marc Morrone
A wonderful site to find out information about enabling love for your love ones. a world of friends
A wonderful place to find new people, play games and build relationships.

Rainbow Gatherings
is an online resource for rainbow folks. Definately an awesome site...

a new coalition is made up of dozens of groups from across the political spectrum that have banded together to save the First Amendment of the Internet: network neutrality.

Seed Savers Exchange
A non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.

A phone service for the Internet that enables calls (with video) around the world. A small service fee is charged.

A social networking site that enables folks to give brief updates called tweets. Enables friends to connect.

Weight training forum where people can discuss topics such as diet, supplements, fitness, powerlifting and strongman for free.

Village Harvest
A nonprofit suburban harvesting cooperative in Santa Clara Valley, California, which brings together neighbors and community organizations to provide food for the hungry, preserve our heritage and skills, and promote sustainable use of urban resources. We organize and coordinate backyard fruit harvesting, and provide education on fruit tree care, harvesting, and food preservation.

Watercourse Way
is a lovely hot tubbing and massage site located in Palo Alto, CA. If you love to tub, this is a neat place to check out.

Merriam-Webster Online
An online Dictionary and Thesaurus site.

is a public made encyclopedia site filled with all sorts of useful information. Since it is a wiki, anyone can contribute to the site.

This site hosts videos and is a place where you can broadcast yourself and your own image works.