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Laszlo Tar
(Painting Studio)

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Aaron Peters
Sharing original tattoos and paintings.

Adrian James
Welcome to Wales in Watercolour. Adrian James's shares his gallery of watercolour landscape paintings, celtic art, artist's workshop and all things art.

Agotas Page
is a photographer specializing mostly in pictorial and nature photography. Her work is very inspiring.

Ahuva Mu'alem
an artist from Israel, displays some of her works in a new virtual studio.

AJK Artistry
The Fine Art and Design of Alison J. Kooney.

Alex McGuire: Artpen
Abstract art, original work from emerging somerset artist, prints originals and commissions available.

Amy Stark
Watercolor and encaustic paintings based on my travels in Greece and other lands. I also explain the encaustic process.

Anca Nicolau
Mysterious, often surreal and masterlyly crafted paintings caught between the boundaries of Still Life and Portraiture with unusual views, shapes and textures, brilliant use of colors and illumination effects.

Andrade Lima Art
Life drawings and paintings by Brazilian Artist.

Andreas Gmur
Mystical and Spiritual Art that attempts to visualize Cosmic Energy.

Andrew Johnson : Contemporary Art Website
Contemporary Art Website, a Fine Art Practice by Artist, Andrew Johnson. Showing Video Art, Sound Art, Photography, Fine Art Painting and Collage, Digital Art and Creative Writing.

Andrey Efi
Paintings of Andrey Efi. In 20 years this artist has created a lot of powerful images of his own style.

Andrey Vystropov
is a Russian artist who is a follower of the school of Neo-Romanticism, blending the aesthetic values and painting techniques of Renaissance masters with those of the avant-garde "Stylist Art" at the beginning of this century. Most of his works are in oils.

Angela Drysdale - An Artist's Journey
Angela Drysdale was an artist well known for her portraits of Maasai, Himba and other African people, wildlife and landscapes.

Angelica Di Chiara: Italian Art Studio
Angelica is a Professional Artist who sells her Artwork in Galleries, Shows, and through private Commissions. Her work includes Acrylic and Oil Paintings on Canvas.

Anna Michael's Art
On this site you can peruse my artwork which includes pencil, color pencil, and painting, as well as obtain information on purchasing my artwork. You can also see some of my photography and a copy of my resume.

Ansgard Thomson
is the artist in residence at Pine Grove Ranch, Canada. Here you can find her personal art with samples of digital art.

Areta Newland - Artworks
Areta paints with oil and encaustic techniques. Her paintings include abstracts, still life, landscapes, portraits, scenes from her world travels and more.

Atom Johnson: PAINTSMITHink
Atom Johnson's unique, creative alchemy of historical dry pigments, marble dust and acrylics on canvas.


Barry Tate Gallery Of Fine Arts
Bold use of color and a unique interpretive style, this internationally recognized acrylic artist paints a broad range of subjects from westcoast sea and farm scenery, to Koi fish and Feng Shui themes.

Bart O'Reilly, Irish Artist
The site was designed to introduce new people to my artwork and to help people already familiar to keep up to date.

Berge Missakian
is a Canadian artist living in Montreal. Illusion, imagination and fantasy appear in his paintings and set as elements which unify his compositions with explosively brilliant shapes of color.

Bert Monroy
A photo-realist painter and artist, Bert shares his art in his online studio.

Bill Frew
Emerging Canadian Artist features a collection of new artwork. Surreal landscapes, portraits, pastel & charcoal and digital art are shared.

Bob Beck
Shares paintings of places and things. Based in Wisconsin, Bob paints farm scenes and stilllife as well as much more.

Bogdan Soban
Examples of computer generated images created using my own developed programs, free demo software and a lot of information about generative method.

Brad Brace
shares various and sundry postmodern art projects and sources.

Bradley J. Parrish
Originals and reproductions from renowned artist Bradley J. Parrish.
( Official website of the artist ) Over 150 works of fine art by the internationaly renowned artist are listed and pictured within this website. The 200+ page website also updates Parrish collectors around the world of his newest works, press releases and showings.

Bret Culp - Fine Art Photography
Dramatic fine art landscape and urbanscape photographs that stimulate the imagination and remind that the world is filled with excitement, mystery, depth, and beauty.

Brett Campbell Mosaics
Australian Mosaic artists online art gallery and portfolio. Mosaics created with ceramic tiles for indoor and outdoor conditions. Commissions available worldwide.

Brian Marshall White
Artist shares his oil paintings and giclee prints of Hawaii. Also see more art by Brian.

Brian Powers
Brian Powers is a Cape Cod based artist. His oil paintings are inspired by the New England seacoast.

Brigitte Carnochan
Shares photography of still lifes and nude figures.

Bruce Burris
In his studio, Bruce features the Community Art Workshops and various installations.

Bruce Wilson
presents his virtual studio of art called "Moss Brook Arts". Shown are paintings, ink wash drawings, pen and ink, brush drawings and computer art.

Bryan Davis
Painter and Floral Artist, a Master of Illusion.


Caril Chasens: Sculpture in Wood
Offers innovative wood sculpture, woodcarving tutorials, links and ideas.

Carla Asquini
is an Italian artist displaying some of her fine art works.

Carol Cohen
A sculptor and painter working in glass. Many of her works involve glass sheets that are painted so that when one looks at the glass art, objects are seen within even though they do not actually exist. Also, objects seen far away such as a swimmer in water turn into bird flying when viewed up close.

Carol Flax
Creates work using various media, technologies and forms to investigate our relationship to history and memory. Her work has been published in more than twenty anthologies and catalogues on new media art. Her art is in numerous public and private collections including the Seattle Art Museum and the Center for Creative Photography.

Carol Heiman-Greene
In this studio Carol shares her paintings of wildlife. Here you can see beautiful lifelike works of wild cats, birds, bears, wolves, foxes and coyotes as well as small animals.

Catherine Anderson
Shares watercolor paintings of landscapes, seascapes & boat scenes, grapevines & vineyards, and cows & livestock.

Charles Rolwing
A Chicago painter, printmaker, and sculptor.

Charlotte Light: Seascape Paintings
Features seascape paintings in oil with a romantic moon and realistic representational seascapes of the Pacific Coast. All paintings are original seascapes in the moonlight, at sunset or in the bright morning light.

Chen Shihu
Cement Paintings and Glass Paintings By Chen Shihu. Traditional Chinese ink-and-brush calligraphy, painting and modern Western painting.

Chris Miles Paintings
This site is dedicated to the paintings of Chris Miles. His art could be described as Magical Realism and uses human and animal figures in landscapes to represent myths and implied narratives. His primary medium is acrylic on wood panel. Art Prints are available for many of his works.

Christine Boyce Fine Art
Works by artist Christine Boyce, in Prismacolor pencil, pastels, graphite, and charcoal.

Christine Mitchell: Glass Effects
Fine art made from Stained Glass using the glass on glass technique and wood mediums. The artist, Christine L. Mitchell curates this site which features her work.

Cindy Couling - Mixed Media Artist
Portfolio includes children's book illustration, artist trading cards, mixed media, visual journals, block prints, altered books and ceramics.

Cliff Wassmann
Wassmann Fine Arts exhibits landscape paintings and photography.

Coleman Studios
Features four Coleman artists displaying paintings of wildlife and much more.

Constantinos Iliopoulos Photography
Professional Greek stock photos & prints. Travel and landscape pictures from amazing places and famous monuments in Greece.

Craig Scoffone: Gallery of Erotic Fine Art
An online portfolio presentation of figurative photographs by internationally exhibited and published photographer Craig Scoffone. Framed, signed and numbered prints can be purchased directly from the artist on this site.


Dan Heller's Photo Gallery
Photos from around the world, including locations and topical categories.

Darko Topalski
Wide Variety of Fine arts for Sale by artist Darko TOPALSKI. Works in pastel, oil, watercolor, photo, etc. Landscape, fantasy, figurative, contemporary, abstract, religious, esoteric, signs, symbols. More than 300 works, 700 links, 400 pages,...

Darrel McPherson Gallery
Darrel, a modern impressionist paints landscapes in plein air. Darrel also has created surreal images of time and space in mental landscapes and studies.

David W. Jackson
Features the paintings of David W. Jackson. Beautiful work here.

David Zaig
As an experimental artist, I have included here some samples of my work. The work presented spans many different phases of experimentation. In recent years, I have been trying to learn more about the mind/brain’s relationship to art.

Davol White
This gallary features poster-worthy art by Davol White. Davol works mainly in watercolor and creates beautiful surreal color abstract art that is sold as affordable posters, cards and framed or canvas prints.

Debenport Fine Art Photography
Beautiful fine art of female nudes photographed by Robb Debenport. Limited edition Iris prints available directly from the artist.

Didier Lozac'h
Features contemporary art of the French painter Didier Lozac'h from Brittany, France. Works in acrylic medium creating abstract expressionist paintings on canvas depicting sea and seascapes.

Diego Rivera
Information for Diego Rivera's art and life.

Diana Fenster
Diane Fenster is an internationally exhibited photographer and illustrator using a hybrid alchemy of digital and alternative process.

Diana Lynn Thompson
An installation artist who works with ephemeral moments, accumulated objects, collected stories and insertion/intervention strategies, which she documents in video and photographs.

DNA Art Forms
Creating modern genetic portraits using the unique regions of your DNA expressed by an artist, painted on canvas. This art form is a Dapra-Zawierka project fusing the creativity of artist Catherine Dapra and the scientific vision of Paul Zawierka.

Don Weller - Western Art
Shares fine art depicting cowboys and horses. Beautiful works here!

Donna Estabrooks
Art to Heal, Transform and Inspire. Features paintings by artist.

Doron Golan
is a New York City based artist who's paintings are products of computer generated imagery that are free from their machines. The works are large Cibachrome transparencies between sheets of glass which are visible from any direction. Awesome art!

Douglas Auld
Find Paintings that capture your hearts emotion or may they find you. This site is a content based (on areas of painting - fine art, digital art, abstract art, photography art as well as art for health and healing) and a Gallery of one artist's paintings, Douglas Auld.

Douglas Konkol
DOUGLAS Art Prints features original photography by this artist. Limited edition, collectible, and archival quality prints are available.

DreamSenses: The Art of Bryan!
The personal webgallery of Bryan Butcher. Surreal and fantasy art focusing on digital imagery. The site also includes art by Saramay... an up and coming 14yr old who loves the art of comicbooks and disney.


Ed Stastny
is among many things, an awesome artist. He loves to draw and doodle with pen and paper and can be found doing so in the most interesting places, such as the Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz, CA during this past July, 94. He is also the founder of that most cool group of Internet artists which call themselves SITOians.

Elfi Chester
Paintings, Portraits, Nudes and Fools by Elfi Chester.

Elinor Mavor
Portfolio of a Professional Freelance Illustrator. Includes illustrations for Children's Books, Magazine Covers, Ads and Promotions, Portraits, Menus, Logos, Tee-Shirts and Computer Games.

Elio Copetti's Digital Gallery
This is my digital artwork.

Ellen de Groot
A portrait artist shares her recent paintings. Ellen de Groot is a figurative oil painter and she lives in Amsterdam. An important source of inspiration for her painting style are the "Flemish Primitives".

Enos Venturi
is an Italian painter who specializes in reproducing art masterpieces from painters of old.

Enrique Vega Artist-Metalsmith
Journey into Vega's architectural & public art work which includes custom details such as railings, stairs, and gates, as well as furnishings and art pieces. Enrique takes a hands-on approach to his craft, from project development and computer design through actual creation and installation of the artwork.

Eric Christensen
shares limited editions of Giclce on canvas and paper. A still life artist working mostly in watercolor.

Eric Torriente | Expressionism
Welcome to! Here you will find the latest information on the artist Eric Torriente.

Erin Starr
Figurative oil and acrylic paintings.

Esta Weiss (also known as StarWind)
Pagan Art work by Pagan and Proud of it! Pagan Digital Art Prints and custom work,The Great Mother, the elements, astral visons and some fantasy.


Frida Kahlo
Information for Frida Kahlo's art and life.


Gale Gibbs
Paintings and mixed media pieces engage the viewer in both poetry and language as line. Her pieces are edgy, using color, text, and mixed media to describe short narratives as well as metaphors about everyday life, art history, and unimportant ramblings.

Gary Ell
An internationally recognized photojournalist, artist and educator. Gary Ell shares his photography of weddings, portraits and events. He is a photographer serving Philadephia, New Jersey and New York with uncompromised, award-winning photo journalism.

GChris Sculpture
GChris' abstract sculpture is mission-driven and termed "progressive art". Progressive art is art with a purpose and progressive values, that is "Art as advocacy; advocacy as art."

Gianna Marino
shares her gouache paintings of animals, flowers and much more.

Gila Paris
Digital Art; Installation; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography; Print

Gillie and Marc Schattner
Australian Contemporary Artists. Their art uses a colourful and exuberant meshing of Pop Art and figurative expressionism to explore themes of contentment and happiness.

Acrylic, Oil, Pastels, Charcoal. (Artist: Christina Glazar)

Gloria Achucarro, Sculpture
Limited Edition Fine Art Bronze Sculptures and Figurative Nudes by award winning Latin American sculptor, Gloria Achucarro. Artist Statement: "The nude figures in my work represent my inner nakedness, they invite all beings to invoke their own process of discovery, their own contact with themselves."

Graham Murray - American Landscapes in Oil
American Landscapes in Oil by Texas landscape colorist, Graham Murray.

Guillem Ramos-Poqui
is a painter and printmaker and shares an exhibition of his fine-art digital photomontages. In London UK he is the Head of Fine Art & Theoretical Studies at Kensington & Chelsea College, SW10


Heatherlee Chan
Heatherlee Chan is a watercolor artist and illustrator living in Southern California with her family. She is best known for her colorful paintings of friendship, florals, femininity, and hand-drawn typography.

Heather L Harris
Mixed media works that include combinations of photography, digital, acrylic and welded steel metal in both the abstracts and landscapes.

Henri Rousseau
Information for Henri Rousseau's art and life.

Henry Kramer
Fine art in the traditional sense. Paintings, drawings and assemblage.


Ineke Disveld
Art website presents 3D paintings. Stereography in combination with optical illusions now and then.

Ismael Barrera - DigiSnapStudio.Com
Presents a wide selection of original art offered in digital prints. Prints are available in different sizes and at affordable prices.

Ivan Kulakov
is located in Novosibirsk of Siberia. Currently he is exhibiting oils and watercolor paintings in his virtual studio. His works have also been exhibited in France, Germany, Norway, and Great Britain.

Young French painter, Ixia 's artworks are inspired by Asia : Laos, Viet Nam, China, Thailand. Her paintings are rich in emotions and colors...


Jacek Tylicki - Natural Art
Beginning in 1973 Tylicki sends sheets of canvas or paper into the wind, the rivers or the forests, and leaves them for a long while in a natural e nvironment, thus forcing upon Nature an attitude previously reserved to the arti st: the creation of forms.

Jack Fox Art
This site features the creations of Jack Fox. Jack is an abstract artist who works in thick textural mixed media.

Jack N. Mohr
Abstract expressionosm: mixed media and acrylic paintings, sculptures, collages and more...

Jack Edson Adams Fine Art
features portraits, paintings and photography by the artist.

Jacob A. Carter Photography
Portfolio website of photographer Jacob Carter.

Jan Karpisek MFA
Czech art graduate (FaVU Brno, 2005) creates original paintings inspired by his spiritual experience. Karpisek is seriously interested in meditation, permaculture and time. His artworks have different forms (naivistic, abstract, conceptual, performance painting) but the subject importance remains.

Jan Vermeer
lived from 1632 to 1675 and created luscious canvases of women and men in seventeenth-centrury rooms. This is an excellent exhibit of his works.

Janusz Walentynowicz
presents 2D and 3D works in cast glass and other media. It a pleasure to visit such a well put together site and is a must see.

Jason Asato
Illustration, Fine Art, Etcetera. Personal and not-so-personal artworks of illustrator Jason Asato.

Jason Des Forges
New Zealand Visionary Art by Jason Des Forges.

Jason Scarpace, Contemporary Fish Art
Features original and creative fish paintings, abstract art, and other fine art created by Jason Scarpace. Specializing in colorful, abstract fish art triptychs and AcidFish originals. Commission portraits of fish are available upon request.

Jayne Rose Fine Art & Designs
Jayne Rose's site showcases her original works of art in oils. Her landscapes and still lifes capture the beauty of the midwest, in particular, northwestern Illinois.

Jazz Green MA (RCA) Fine Artist
Collages, drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and digital media works by Jazz Green MA (RCA)

Jean Meyer: Paintings and Drawings
Online gallery of paintings and drawings, divided into rooms with themes (e.g. Wings, Through the Gate...).

Jennifer Young
presents her expressive figurative paintings in her web studio. Nice presentation also allows the purchase of her works.

Jenny Armitage: Dancing Feather Studio
Leafy lions, fine-feathered birds and other whimsical creatures in polymer clay.

Jerry Fresia
Fresia Studios organizes painting classes, workshops and demonstrations, and also makes available for sale paintings, instruction booklets and instructional DVDs. Workshops are offered weekly from May to October at Villa Elvira in Lake Como, Italy. The instructor, Jerry Fresia Ph D, is a writer and artist who has taught art privately for over 20 years and was Founder and Executive Director of Red Umbrellas, a groundbreaking outdoor art exhibition group in San Francisco.

Jerrie Glasper
Mississippi artist Jerrie Glasper's shares his online art showcase of Mississippi delta landscape. Included are paintings, wall murals, oil portraits, and figurative art for all serious collectors of southern art.

Jesse Ross @
Shares Contemporary Modern Fine Art Photography. You can see a fine art portfolio/collection of major works in the arsenal of contemporary American art photographer, Jesse Ross. Ross is known for his explorations of and expansions on color pictorialism and black and white abstract geometric photography.

Jill Bell Brandlettering
Jill Bell Brandlettering creates distinctive, one-of-a-kind lettering solutions tailored to your individual needs. Featuring logotypes, handlettering, original typeface designs, type modification and digitization, illustration and other creations by Jill Bell. A great source of creative, original lettering & calligraphy, logos and type design.

Jim Connelly Studio
His paintings tell the stories of cowboys, horses, and bulls with his bold, impressionistic style.

Jo. Hurst Sculpture
Figurative to abstract sculptings in bronze, alabaster, and hydrocal. Human, equestrian and abstract forms.

Joakim Bradley
Art by Joakim Bradley. Beautiful, multi canvas, textured, contemporary paintings. Big art at low prices. Will ship worldwide.

Joan Stennick
a NY/SF artist shares some of her recent paintings.

JoAnne Beasley
Created beautiful landscapes and waterscapes in oil pastels. View her virtual studio site which features landscapes, abstract figuration, drawing, and digital art scans.

John Bishop: Abstract Artist
Colorful Contemporary Abstract Paintings in oil and acrylic by Artist John Bishop.

John Hopkins
Shares beautiful paintings and photographs by the artist.

John Ramos
displays collector prints of his works as well as images of the John Ramos Gallery in beautiful Los Osos on the central coast of California near San Luis Obispo.

John Torina
draws the viewer into his world of expansive atmospheric clouds and turbulent skies and rural landscapes painted in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. His art can also be seen on here.

John Townes
create and maintains JT's Gallery which displays graphics, illustrations and cartoons created by the artist. Works are digitally created to look like traditionbal styles.

John Whitehill-Ward Artist/Designer
My site exhibiting my drawings and printmaking.

Jonathan Beck - jBeckArt
A site giving an overview of the works of realist artist Jonathan Beck.

Jörg Boström
Homepage of the artist Jörg Boström: painting, photography, cliché verre, developer painting, drawing, gouache.

Judi Morton Fine Art
A virtual studio featuring oil paintings of sea and landscapes by UK artist Judi Morton.

Juli Adams
A virtual studio featuring watercolors and mixed media of the artist, Juli Adams.

A community site sharing the life and art of artist and adventurer Julian Ritter. Our site features Julian's biography and a scrapbook of photos an d documents, the 30-minute documentary "Julian Ritter: Palette of Passion" and a growing collection of high-resolution images of Julian's art. FREE membership allows visitors to post in forums and to upload their own Julian Ritter art as we build the most comprehensive gallery of Julian's works.

Julian Voss-Andreae
A German-born sculptor based in Portland, Oregon, Julian shares his art in this online studio.

Julio Puentes
A virtual studio featuring pastel portraits by the artist, Julio Puentes.


K J Pocock
A beautifully comprehensive site that features both recent and early work by the artist. Includes paintings, drawings, and other works.

Kaleidoscope Art by Marc Abel
Digial Art formed by digital photographs and ray tracings.

Karen Schwartz
Karen Schwartz is an Atlanta-based artist working primarily in painting and drawing in a range of media.

Karen Anderson Schwartz
Showing watercolor and mixed media paintings.

Katelyn Mariah Creates
On line gallery of visionary artist Katelyn Mariah BFA. MA, LICSW. Enjoy her paintings, art as medicine, creative writing and soul portraits. Framable prints are available of all images.

Kathy Tate
As a painter, Kathy Tate excels in still life. She also shares her love of architecture and life in Texas which are often subjects in her work.

Kedar Designs
Ruth Kedar is an ideator, a hands-on designer, art director, creative director, mentor and speaker whose work has been showcased and recognized both in the United States and abroad. Ruth also has a studio on Art.Net and is one of the founding members of the site.

Keith Bond
Keith Bond's peaceful and contemplative oil paintings capture the spirit of the landscape. He prefers unscathed pristine scenes of nature, but also delights in ranching/farming scenes that show man living in harmony with nature.

Keith Murray: A Fine Art Gallery
Still life, portraits and landscape paintings by artist Keith Murray executed in a realistic style.

Original oil paintings by French artist Kellestom. Abstract and figurative art. Discover this unique artist.

Kendrick Mar :: Paintings
Features the metaphorical self-portraits of painter Kendrick Mar.

Kim Wintje
is a visual artist working in metal sculpture. Using storytelling and humor, her works reflect environmental and global issues.

Kimberly Crick: The Enchanted Gallery
Fine art and crafts by Kimberly Crick. Fantasy, Fey and Tarot themed artwork for display in the gallery pages. Rubber stamps available featuring art nouveau style mermaids, faeries and goddess images. Beaded goddesses, jewelry, domino art, commissions and ebay store.

Kirby Sattler
Native American Art. Original paintings and reproductions: giclee fine art print, limited edition print and posters.

A Gallery of original flower paintings for sale. Offers a selection of flowers painted in acrylic on canvas, which includes daisies, poppies, lilies, roses and more.

Kristen Ankiewicz
exhibits photography and much more in her new virtual studio space.

Kumi Rajagopal - Contemporary Oil Paintings
Original and unique modern art at affordable prices for home or work environment.


La Pempi, Nijmegen
is an exhibit of Anita van Kempen's silk paintings entitled "Art On Silk".

Lana-Marie Petersen
an artist of Denmark, creates an artform which is very rare by the method and is called "Needle-brush painting". This means that the artist paints by using sewing needles and not brushes makeing this art unique.

Larz Eldbaage (LRZ)
The artist and art by Larz Eldbaage on the web. Works in sculpture, watercolour, oil, and acrylic are shown.

Laurie Dawson
Laurie's living gallery; This is a general site for me and my art and writing.

Laszlo Tar
Shares original works, mostly on paper. His creations include watercolors, oils, drawings and woodcuts. Much of his subject matter deals with human life and existence in New York City, where he has lived for most of his life.

Leon Engelen
Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques. This site offers an extensive virtual gallery, as well as a valuable painting course, a biography and information about his book, prints and real life expositions.

Leonardo Pereznieto
This is the official website for Leonardo Pereznieto. Contains a virtual gallery exhibiting paintings and sculpture. Also includes curriculum, news, etc.

Liduine Bekman: Sealife Watercolor Art
Large surrealistic watercolors of sealife by an accomplished watercolorist with a unique style similar to Georgia O'Keef. Large originals and many large prints available. Signature member of the N.W.S. and Pulchri (Netherlands).

Murals and Fine Art by Lilia. Make your home something special with hand painted wall murals, fine arts and tapestry.

Linda Paul
Bas-relief & egg tempera fresco paintings! Featuring art for Italian and French country decor. Fine Art Prints on Canvas.

Lindsey Cormier
Watercolor fantasy art by Lindsey Cormier featuring fairies, mermaids, dragons, and more! Original paintings and prints are available.

Lisa Falzon
The visionary art of Lisa Falzon. A mixture of saccharine, macabre, secret and the everlasting mysterious, her art is imbued with feelings and ideas as wild and imaginative as can be found.

Lorenzo Quinn
creates sculpture and exhibits his art within this virtual space on the Internet.

Lucy Wang
An art teacher and painter, Lucy shares her paintings of nature.

Lynda Cronin
Sculptural installation projects using various media and technologies. Satellite imagery, biological forms and computer generated images consider the position of the body in an evolving geography.

Lynnette Shelley: Curious Creatures
Curious Creatures: Contemporary Animal Art and Mythological Art by Philadelphia artist Lynnette Shelley.


Machula's Art Studio
is located in Amsterdam and features glassworks drawings, and photography by the artists' Barbara de Machula and Jan van der Horn.

The Maloney Studio
Contemporary artist Jerry Maloney offers original fine art oil paintings of Florida seascapes and Colorado landscapes for sale on his online studio gallery. Free estimates on commissions for oil paintings including landscape, seascape, portrait, still life and traditional or digital graphic design are available upon request.

Manuel Sanchez Art Gallery
Original oil paintings and prints for sale. Great art photos and video tutorials, blogs and more.

Marc Deneyer
is a photographer and exhibits his Iceberg - Ilulissat, Greenland 1994 work that is a series of images showing the most active glacier in the northern hemisphere. A portfolio is also available of additional works.

Marcos Peinemann
I've always wanted to paint. And I did! Painting is dreaming, pursuing a different language.

Margaret Best
A botanical artist and teacher showing paintings of plants.

Maria Kazanskaya
Colorful, painterly landscapes, still lifes and other oil paintings by a Russian artist living in the US.

Maria Lucia Pacheco
Studio of still life paintings by artist.

Mario Zampedroni
Original acrylic paintings with abstract landscapes and flowers by Mario Zampedroni.

Marlin Adams
National Award winning artist produces beautiful portraits, still lifes and landscapes. Intensified realism style. Art and prints available for purchase.

Mary Southard: Language of the Heart
May the works you see here invite you into deeper relationship with your own soul and the soul of the world. May you be drawn more deeply into the wonders of existence with all its love and longing, its passion and mystery. May your own imagination and intuition stir within you as you realize that you too are a creative participant in this creative Earth Community of Life.

Matt Jenkins
A Chicago-Based Artist who works in a variety of visual arts and mediums including painting, sculpture, cyanotype and video.

Matt Sesow at the Birdhouse
displays a large selection of his oil paintings, short films, pictures and stories in his virtual studio.

Matt Sesow
Original art from provocative artist Matt Sesow. Includes free pictures, sa mple quicktime clips, and contact information.

Melinda Fawver
Digital art, digital photography, watercolors, wood and stained glass art, desktop patterns for Macintosh.

Michael Davis
An online gallery of paintings and drawings by Michael Davis.

Michael Hanna
Born 1983 in Secaucus, NJ and a native of Jersey City, Michael Hanna exhibits extensively in the Northeastern United States. Hanna is also a writer of philosophy and the founder of the Jersey City Artist Initiative.

Michael Hodgkins
Online Art Gallery of award winning Western Australian oil painter, Michael Hodgkins

Michael McCarthy: Alternative Photography
Presentation of numerous photo and art projects. Photo work includes pinhole and toy camera images, photos of a wide variety of subjects in black and white, color and alternative photo processes.

Michael O'Connor
Virtual Irish art gallery highlighting the work of new Irish artist Michael O' Connor. Come view landscapes and portraits from the artist's collection. Purchase or commission original art.

Michael O'
From pencil to print, artist Michael O'Connor shares his art and craft in print making.

Michael O'Gorman
Contemporary British artist who specializes in complex, surreal oil paintings.

Michael Severin
presents fine art paintings of landscapes. Beautiful work here.

Michael Swartzbeck
presents fine art installations.

Michael Thompson
An artist who works in a variety of mediums including decorative kites, sculpture, printmaking, painting, video and drawing.

Michel Perrin
is a Canadian painter who is known for his snowy landscapes of Quebec. "The landscape is for him the answer to a cry from within."

Michelle Bird
Exhibiting works of art and the creatve process. This comprehensive site shows Bird's broad range of art from figurative to abstract.

Mike Elliott
Wildlife Artist specialising in Scottish Paintings and African Wildlife Art. His Wildlife Paintings focus on endangered animals, Birds of Prey and Bushman Studies.

Mike Roos Gallery
Features the works of painter Mike Roos. Mike paints in a style he calls Nuvorealismo, but also in traditional styles such as cubism, abstract, impressionism, expressionism and realism.

Mona Youssef
Mona Youssef is a professional Canadian Artist involved in realistic oil paintings, on canvas depicting the four seasons in different subjects. One of her achievements is the well known Canadian Constitution Act painting.

Monica Merlitti
An Italian painter and artist with a backgraound that also includes photography, writing, poetry, dance, sculpture, humanitarian work and extensive travel.

Mørk, Erlend
Aeonox - Dark and surrealistic pictures by Norwegian photographer Erlend Mørk. Creative photography meets the digital darkroom. The galleries are regularly updated with new works.

Mørk, Terje Adler
Welcome to - showcasing the works of a Norwegian painter. Paintings in classical realism. Mostly nudes and portraits.

Myrna Christine Williams
This body of work contains figurative, portrait, abstract, and messydog artwork galleries.


Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism
NeoPopRealism is style of visual arts created by Nadia Russ. NeoPopRealism combines brightness and simplicity of Pop Art with psychological realism, high energy colors and graphic nature.

Natalia - Original Art
I love making illustrations, comic books, and crafty things. My working technique includes watercolors, pencils/pastels and markers with a painting style that often mix all these techniques together.

Nate Theisen
A site featuring the artwork of Nate Theisen.

Art of Nicolai Shmatko
Virtual gallery of marble sculptures, paintings, artist biography, and exhibition news.

Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery
Artist studio & gallery of fine contemporary impressionist oil, watercolor paintings and drawings. This work displays landscapes of the Connecticut river valley, town scenes of Chester, CT and European villages and interiors by Leif and Katherine Nilsson.

Features Canadian Native Art that offers a Cultural Perspective by an Ojibwa Artist, Nokomis.

Norman Nelson
Oil and watercolor interpretations of wilderness themes in fine art paintings.

Norman Nelson Arts
A painter of serene landscapes seen in Idaho's pristine wilderness.



Pablo Picasso
Information for Pablo Picasso's art and life.

Pasquale Lecreux: Blue Jeans Art
The Blue Jeans Art from Pasquale Lecreux (France).

Patrick Bergougnoux
is a french painter working in the south of France and LA.

Paul Bloch
is a sculptor and shares his works in his new virtual studio.

Peter Betts Contours
Conceptual topographical abstract paintings and prints of the USA by artist Peter Betts. American art.

Peter Gric
Austrian artist who combines surrealism with science fiction to create exotic landscapes in both oils and acrylics.

Peter J. Sucy's Digital Workshop
Personal Homepage of Peter J. Sucy, digital artist and photograher. Online gallery of photographs and 3D rendered scenes.

Philip Sybal
is a Canadian painter who specializes in a unique form of Realism which explores the mysteries of Nature ( Land, Sea, and Sky). His works are influenced by the Light and all its variations from subtle mists to bold sunsets and the darkness of the night.

Philip H. Williams
is a digital artist/illustrator using Photoshop, Fractal Painter or CorelDRAW to create all his work which spans General Illustration, SF/Fantasy and Fine Art.

Pieter Wagemans
Belgium artist shares original flower and still life fine art oil paintings.



Rachel Carbonell: Art by Rachel
Site features original images done in oil pastels, of abstract/surreal sensiblity, with a slight psychedelic hint.

Randell Kloppin
I offer a truly unique style of art, weaving my illusions of the universe with fractals and occasionally a bit of digital painting.

Randy Kochis
Randy Kochis is a pioneer digital abstract artist and landscape photographer.

Renata Sajko
Original oil paintings and artwork for sale by internationally collected artist Renata Sajko.

Richard Masloski
Features American sculpture that includes original bronzes depicting themes from American history. Shown are Headless Horseman, Western themes, Lincolniana, and various monumental work located in the Hudson Valley.

Robert Belgrad
A gallery of sculpture, photography and digital design by Robert Belgrad. Featuring works in a wide variety of media, and styles ranging from classical to futuristic.

Robert Kaindl - Art Glass
Robert creates premium art glass pieces in many forms. Very colorful and beautiful... a must see!

Robert Summers Studio
Robert Summers is a nationally known sculptor of Monuments of epic dimensions. He also sculpts smaller bronzes. Robert is also a very well known painter of western, Civil War and other subjects.

Roberto Escobar
shares sculptures of wood, metal, copper, glass, and stones.

Roger Weise
presents his work in his virtual gallery. As a painter, he works with oils, water colors and pastels.

Ron Brown
is a artist working in photographics. He specializes in industrial grade photography and special FX.

Rosalind Hodgkins
Presents watercolor paintings. Rosalind experiments with images in a free associative way, visualizing compositions with the mind's eye.

Rudi Carstens: ArcyArt Oil Paintings
This site features original oil paintings by this South African artist. African wildlife paintings, original oil paintings of Nelson Mandela and oil paintings of African flowers can be seen here.

Ryan S. Drew
Gallery of watercolor paintings including still life and landscapes by Ryan S Drew.

Ryan Howell
Paintings, Drawings, multimedia works. Modern and unusual artwork by Artist Ryan Howell.


Saelon Renkes
presents Fine Art Photography.

Samuel Monnier: Algorithmic worlds
Gigapixel images of algorithmic works to zoom on.

Sergey Kryshtapovich Online Art Gallery
Abstracts, Self-portraits, Portraits, Still-lifes by Sergey Kryshtapovich.

Shafique Farooqi
A French artist shares spiritual art and spiritual dance by verling dervaishes.

Sharin Barber
Sharin Barber works as a painter in Toronto Ontario. Graduating with honours from OCAD in 1980, Sharin is now painting People and Pet Portraits in oils.

Sharon Cummings
The exciting abstract world of Sharon Cummings, Self-Representing Artist.

Shelley Walker
Mystery and Shadows is the online home of Australian fantasy/gothic artist Shelley Walker. Within you will find a darkly enchanting world of faeries and fantastical creatures, with prints available.

Sonja Jasinski
Shares a wide range of photographs from landscapes to dog frisbee competitions. Shown in both color and black & white.

Stanley Tomshinsky
This presentation is a retrospective look at my work from 1961 to 1999. RIP.

Stephanie Metz
A sculptor who creates innovative work in felted wool. Her sculpture focuses on the relationship between humans and the natural world, fuses sharp wit, thoughtful observation, and careful craftsmanship in an unusual material to blur the line between art and science, natural and unnatural, organic and man-made.

Steve Ferguson Design
Contemporary sculpture in steel-bronze alloy. Using metal layering and sintering, which allows for limitless thought provoking complexity and freedom of expression.

Steve Mann
is a hacker artist who is into creating wearable wireless webcams and personal visual assistants. He is also an excellent still life photographer.


Tara Hutton
Original artwork by Tara Hutton painted to reflect the glamour and capture the essence of the Art Deco Era.

Peter Terezakis creates computer mediated interactive environments and light sculptures.

Terry Davis
Terry Davis is an award winning painter based in Los Angeles. His work is generally figurative in a uniquely contemporary, light-driven style.

Tim Ames
Shares comtemporary and inpressionistic paintings of landscapes and waterscapes.

Tom Digby
I'm known around my science fiction fan friends for being pleasantly weird, or perhaps very logical but from strange premises. I've also written poetry now and then. I find that knowing the technical side of something beautiful does not diminish the beauty.

Tom Repasky: Surreal Digital Art
The 3d and 2d art of Tom Repasky, surreal and abstract, explorations of the human psyche through metaphysical digital art.


Umberto Verdirosi
Verdirosi is an Italian artist and painter.


Valentina Minutoli
A painter artist.

Valeriy Grachov: Painting, Design, and Photography.
Original paintings, 2D digital art works and photographs in direction of romantic realism. Stunning mountain landscapes, nature views, wildlife, seascapes, flowers and abstract art realized in oil on canvas, watercolors, tempera and ink. Abstract digital art and Mandalas.

Virtue Jo Fern
The abstract painting, original art prints and art weblog of the Australian artist Virtue Fern. Artist blog

Vladimir Vojvodic
This studio contains beautiful oil paintings that feature wonderful landscapes, fields of herbs and much more. Definately a must see!


Wassily Kandinsky
Information for Wassily Kandinsky's art and life.

Wayne Pearson
Portrait paintings on glass.

Wendy Brockman
Shares paintings of plants such as Autumn Oaks. Beautful website.

Winslow Homer
Information for Winslow Homer's art and life.