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Art. Technology. Invention. 3waylabs designs and builds unique creations for the consumer and entertainment sectors. Owned and operated by the artist Mark Lottor who created the Cubatron (a 3D interactive light sculpture).

Art Letter: by Paul Klein
Offers reviews of art exhibits by 67 galleries in Chicago, Ill.

is a student-maintained on-line art gallery at UCSD and is a virtual artspace showing the undergraduate and graduate artists' work there.

The Artwalker Project
The world's first web site devoted to geographically organized scenic art.

Cinedictum - A New Word in Cinema
Fresh and unique short films by Shavkat Karimov from Uzbekistan.

CMU SCS OZ Project
is developing technology and art to help artists create high quality interactive drama, based in part on AI technologies.

CultureInside - Connecting artists
Luxembourg based Culture Portal dedicated to worldwide promotion of artists and art students. Free e-space for artists. Free culture and art related information.

was originally created as a rest-stop off the information superhighway, intended as a creative environment where users are not bound by online conventions. Rather they are invited to let go of their preconceived forms of thought, and absorb.

Dirty Car Art
Drawings in the dust created by Scott Wade.

Free Artistic Photos
Free Artistic Photos provides artistic photography that can be used free of charge for non-commercial usage. Enjoy FAP and stay tuned for your free pictures intake.

Montreal based illustrator and graphic artist specializing it t-shirt design, illustration, logos, graphics, and website design.

is an artists-run space that aims to foster friendships and collaborations with other artists. This dynamic space is in continuous process of creation and is committed in exhibiting all forms of contemporary art. Founded by Shih Yun Yeo, Singapore.

Lapworth Architects
Lapworth Architects is an award winning architectural practise located in Birmingham, UK. The company specialises in retail and exhibition works.

Lateral Arts in the UK
is a project to bring you real contemporary art of leading young artists who are apart of the vibrant British art scene.

the lovely road
Polaroids from the backroads of the US by photographer Scott Hammond.

Second Life
Community of poeple who share via avatars (avis) roaming virtual landscapes. Offers community chat, collaberative 3 dimensional design projects, and a virtual way to interact with human intelligence (at least we hope!). Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat.
A project by Reinhard Storz, Xcult is a private undertaking, and co-producer of art events on the Net. Xcult is independent of all terrestrial (cultural) institutions. Hosts art projects, artist studios and texts written by art historians/critics. Xcult is a cultural forum on the Internet focussing mainly on Swiss art production with international participation.

Ylem's Art on the Edge
A project of Ylem/Artists using Science and Technology to create art in new media such as computers, kinetic sculpture, interactive art, holigrams, robotics, 3-D media, film, and video.